About Us and our Neighbourhood

 We are located in one of the last residential areas of the old town. When staying here you can get a real feel for the Turkish lifestyle, there are still cafes that the men in the neighbourhood gather in and play cards for a good part of the day. Women still gather at the local hamam weekly for a social break. We are very close the Marmara seaside promenade where you can find locals fishing, dolphins playing in the surf (truly) so if a quiet walk along the waterfront to view the eons old continental passage is to your liking, we are located within a very short distance to the original sea wall fortifications. This is also a great running route.  

While out walking the  promenade make sure you stop by the Kumkapı Fish Market.  This historic gathering place for fisherman across generations is an optimal location to find restaurants offering  fresh traditional Turkish cuisine  from the sea.  

The Kumru Hotel is co-owned by an American expat and her Turkish partner, Melissa and Abdul. Melissa has travelled extensively around the world and our decor reflects her international influences. Abdul has been in the tourism industry in Turkey for over twenty years and is a wealth of information on what to and not to do . We have a shared value that where you stay can make or break your vacation experience and we will do everything we can to make your stay pleasant, comfortable and safe.

  Kumru Hotel posts daily updates in our lobby and on our Facebook page in relation to events and  activities taking place in Istanbul and the surrounding area that you can use to create your own itinerary.  If your travel  preference is for a  more guided experience, I encourage you to let us arrange a personalized local tour of Istanbul.  Our trusted “locally raised” or irreverent expat guides will help you embark on an experience that will elevate you  beyond the standard Istanbul experience.   Please call or email the front desk as soon as possible to book with our recommended guides.  For the latest updates on the Kumru Hotel, local events, shopping tips  and other Istanbul area travel related information, follow us on Facebook.

 To get a good overview of the neighbourhood we recommend John Freely’s “Strolling Through Istanbul”. Our hotel is at the epicenter of the chapter call Around the Blue Mosque so it is a perfect overview of the area and neighbourhood as well as some of our more colourful history.

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